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Enforcing and defending your business contracts are vital to the success of your business. Our business law practice specializes in complex business litigation, as well as business transactions such as drafting contracts. We take the time to get to know you, the nature of your businesses and your risks/rewards preferences to ensure that you achieve your business litigation goals in the most efficient manner.

With 19 years of experience, our legal team can help you in vigorously prosecuting persons and entities who may have caused damages to you and your business(es) by breaching valid contracts and/or employing unfair business practices, such as unfair competition. During the past 2 decades, our legal team has also successfully defended numerous clients, businesses, corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and other commercial entities and businesses in lawsuits brought against them by others.

We represent clients in business litigation cases  throughout the Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura and other counties in the State of California. Numerous previous cases have involved litigating cases in the following areas:

• Purchase and Sale of Businesses

• Sale of Goods

• Service Contracts

• Leases – Residential and Commercial

• Distribution Contracts

• Exclusive Representation Contracts

• Covenant Not to Compete Agreements

• Purchase and Sale of Professional Practices

• Independent Contractor Agreements

• Sale of Assets Contracts

In disputes surrounding the validity, meaning, and enforceability of business contracts, trust the experience and dedication of Attorney Nina Brahman to protect your interests.  To discuss your contractual rights, obligations or options with an experienced lawyer, call or contact us in Woodland Hills, California, to schedule a free initial consultation.

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