"Best attorney! She is efficient and no nonsense. She explains everything upfront and works hard for her clients."

S. Lynn Smith

"I was rear-ended in a freeway car accident where there was significant damage to my car (just missed being "totaled"). The other driver's insurance agreed to pay for repairs. However, despite the damage to my car (which showed how hard I was hit), and obvious injuries to me, they offered me less than $1,000 for my pain and rehabilitation. I was expecting 5 times that! It was a week after the accident, and I was in pain and still dazed and confused, but not enough to accept that offer! I contacted Nina Brahman (referred by a friend) who took wonderful care of my case. She worked long and hard and got me much, MUCH more than I had ever expected, enough to pay for all my therapy AND to compensate me very handsomely for my pain and suffering. I'm so grateful to her!"

                                                                                                                              Louise B.

"Thank you Nina for making an otherwise hectic experience as painless as possible. Nina was personable even visiting our house while recovering and efficient. The award she fought for was very generous and timely."

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